Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Kanyer!

So I lied on my last post. The first thing Andy and I did after we got married was to attend our FIRST wedding as a married couple a week after our vows...my cousin Cole and his beautiful bride Lauren's! They were married in Vancouver, Washington and their wedding was a BLAST! It was a blessing to see family we don't get a chance to see often (Hi Uncle Dave and Aunty Marjie!) among other family we just love to see! The happiness at this wedding cannot be adequately expressed. Cole and Lauren are truly meant for one another and are such a fun and blessed couple! Congrats you two!
Pretty sure if you were to look up "JOY" in the dictionary...it'd look like this.

The Happy HAPPY couple!

Bling Shot!

Needless to say....Andy and I had a good time (especially with Wyatt-see him in the background of the above shot:)

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