Lets talk about...nesting. I keep hearing comments like, "aw, you're nesting!" or "now that you're a married woman, are you nesting? I bet you're nesting!" Additionally, once a subscriber to the popular wedding planning site, theknot.com, I am now receiving email from a sister site, thenest.com (oopps...I'm getting sucked 
in!!) I love interior design, home shows (you wanna talk HGTV? You got it!), the home section at Marshal's and shops such as World Market (and in fact always have) but I find myself confused. The only thing I can think of when hearing a phrase like "nesting" is what a MOTHER bird does to prepare for her soon-to-be-BABIES...birds, we're talking birds here.

Just incase we weren't clear on the subject, I am no more a mother (and please avoid comments about my first born child...Mini...unless of course, you're going to tell me how sweet she is...:) than I am a bird (minus my "birdie" nickname, of course). Ah, crap...now I'm even convincing myself that I'm a mother bird. 

Besides the fact that deep down in my heart I feel like years ago while beginning my studies in nutrition I should have (and most likely would rather have) studied interior design, I'm not finding myself to be a "nester."

Dare I say that I am slightly surprised and disappointed? My space is so important and special to me...most likely why I keep it freakishly organized and clean. Thankfully my husband puts, or is learning to put, up with my mild case of obsessive compulsive environment regulation (thats OCER for those who didn't know:) but I am curious....where has my "ability" to "nest" gone? Did it ever really exist?!

I am your classic "lets unpack asasp!"/"we have to get this stuff out of boxes and comfortable first thing in the morning!" and so forth. Sadly though, here in Andy and I's new apartment...boxes have been sitting around homeless for weeks, pictures sleep leaning up against walls praying that tomorrow they'll finally be hung. I just can't grasp it. Is it the fact that in a year we WILL move out of this place? No, scratch that, in 10 months we'll move out of this place and it's difficult to put things up knowing they'll just be coming down? Is it the fact that, in all actuality,
 I haven't a clue what I am doing design wise (but HECK...who cares!) and I have an idea of what my, eh hem, our space should feel like but don't know if I can actually make it happen? Is it the fact that I can hardly find a home for our beautiful shiny new toaster (which sleeps happily above the washer/dryer...thank you very much) let alone have enough wall space to hang all the original art we received as wedding gifts? Most likely, it's a combination of all the above.

Here's the point...we are beyond BLESSED. Andy and I...we have stuff...beautiful beautiful stuff coming out of our ears! We were gifted with enough to fill a small house (and jam pack a 700 sq. ft. apartment) and if the largest of our problems is that we cannot 
find enough wall space or closet space for that matter to store everything...then we are swimming in generosity and hey....there is NOTHING wrong with that. So what can we do? We can find/create homes for our objects, put them to the best most gentile use, hang photos and art in all of their glory whether or not it looks "right" and most of all pay it forward and realize that these gifts are not ours. 

SO HERE....Here's to nesting, to love, to generosity, to sharing and to a lovely yet tiny, first, home-sweet-home. Oh, and as of tomorrow...I'm working on my "nesting," but here is what I have so far....

Some of my mother's artwork actually did find a home!:)

The HORRID "coat closet" which includes board games, bedding, coats, random storage (books, frames, "things I refuse to get rid of!", luggage and even my wedding dress!!

notice piles...computer(S) on the dining room table! ha!

bathroom shelf that Kelsey help me put together...nesting?

OH, then there is the way I wish our space would feel, inspiration from potterybarn.com and google.images.com:

Warm bedrooms with lots of natural light, interesting yet simplistic art and comfy, layered beds. Living rooms with stacks of warm, comfortable and inviting decor, tons of pillows, patterns and color! Closets with plenty of organization and space=effortlessly happy Kirsten. Dining rooms that say, "please, come, enjoy, eat and converse."  Kitchens that just make sense, and are joyously chic yet mildly edgy. Of course mirrors which are a no-brainer-create the appearance of space and go...literally...with everything. Clean, simple lines, yet warm light, lots of tasteful color and comfortable, inviting space is key....oh, someday:)

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