home alone with lists

I have nothing much to say lately...what a SURPRISE! Andy has been out of town all week for work and I find that my personal alone time/space (which by the way, I love and value) has over stayed it's welcome. Praise the Lord for Kelsey's b-day...which provided much entertainment for me today otherwise this gray weather would have made me a cranky member of the Dahlhuser Family. I'd like to avoid this...so lets make a list. I love lists. I make lists...a lot of them. One can often find them in the pockets of sweaters, crumpled at the bottom of well loved purses and snuggling randomly on the pages of my journals. 

SO, here is a list of things I (and Andy...but mainly I) need to work on/do/finish within the next week-ish (ok give or take...a week or two):

1. grocery shop- which I love to do! yippy

2. FINALLY get my name changed- scold away.... technically I'm still a Kanyer.

3. make final returns/exchanges on wedding gift doubles and such

4. continue to work on, finish and send wedding thank you notes (so many left! so many done!)

5. get back on the wagon with working out and eating better. I've been cooking from home 98% of the week, but we'll go visit Kim and Noah or break down and order out ever so often and I'm starting to feel the bad effects of this dirty habit!
6. finish finding "homes" aka hiding boxes of storage items that are STILL sitting around our apt!

7. get a new couple's hobby- hiking is something we've considered. I'd love to take some dance lessons...key word "I," maybe read a book or two together, daily walks as a family (Mini, Andy and I)...we'll see:)

8. get a job...still workin' on this one...sigh

9. officially find a church! agh! it's starting to kill us!

10. clip Mini's toe nails and give her a bath:)

11. mop the floors (oh joy!)

12. organize Andy's side of the closet....a never ending task!

13. dinner with the (soon-to-be) Bartley's and Kim!

14. have a game, wine and snack night at our place with friends! this cannot happen, although, until #3, 4, and 6 are complete...b/c all of them cause messes in our small space and in order to have anyone over, we need s-p-a-c-e!

15. speaking of, get a table cloth

16. work on my work-wardrobe (i've been doing a good job of this so far..hah)

OK...it could go on, BELIEVE ME! I will spare you...but do feel free to provide encouragement if feeling compelled:)


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