Sugar Rush

So Andy is gone for a week-working in the Tri Cities. Thus, I am left here, alone with Mini to finish off the left over brownies and wine by myself. This means nothing good...but I suppose there is never a better time than the present (or whatever says the woman with the mouth full of brownie).
I have been blessed, beyond adequate description with a husband who is the smarter, more focused, less mature (OK...in some senses:), more outgoing, male version of myself. Andy really keeps me quite level headed. He reminds me to slow down when I am ahead of myself, which is often if not always. He often keeps my head from spinning out of control with confusion and stress. He is different in many ways than me and extremely similar, in many ways, to me. For example he, much like his wife (weird, right? Wife? Weird.) has a zest for life....and food. 

I find that Andy and I encourage one another in many ways. When it comes to food oh do we encourage! May it be in a healthy fashion or not (a salad? or a salad with french fries?), Andy and I encourage one another on numerous food related behaviors and thus bond over food. Now, Andy may not agree with this but no one can argue me out of believing that Andy and I bond over meals. Additionally, one thing is true, Andy will never turn down a late night candy run......aw the way to my heart...candy. It is my vice. My huge huge #1 weakness. 

often eat myself sick with candy (which Andy often attempts to steer me away from, excluding the rare occasions where he's joining in). I Often buy more candy than I need, against the advice of my husband, planning to stock up for a few days and often, OK always, this candy is gone w/in hours of purchase. I have dated, in the past, eaters-different-from myself. Eaters who look at me with horror as I down two candy bars within one sitting. Now, "different eaters" are fine! Don't get me wrong. My mode of eating is not "right" or "wrong." For the love of Pete I went to school with a zest for food based studies...I KNOW personally and from observation "different eaters." Happily for me, I ended up with a "different eater"...who is just like me.

I myself, am a "different eater" from many. Who else do you know who eats them self sick....via candy (besides Kim Bailey)?  I eat a lot, more than I should, and against all better judgement...I eat and eat and eat. I often say things like "that tuna is so amazing, I could bathe in it" or "I just ate my weight in gummie bears!" I am a "different eater" from most in fact....needless to say. But only slightly, am I a different eater from my husband...what. a. blessing. 

Unlike my husband although, I go in and out of strange eating habits. I.E. not eating meat...and then munching down on a McDonald's burger...and then hating life because I actually consumed a McDonald's "burger!"Although Andy is not so much a compulsive eater like myself, the thing I love the most about my eating habits...are that Andy not only appreciates food in the same way, but tolerates my eating! HA!  There is never a moment where we judge one another for doing the most inmate thing one can do for one's self...eat. Although Andy may not be as much of an adventurist (if you will) when it comes to food, one thing he loves about me is that I eat...and love to do it. If someone asks what something is or tastes like, I will be that guinea pig that solves the puzzle...happily tossing a bite into my chomper before giving myself a chance to over think the situation. 

Additionally, Andy will eat almost anything I cook him...another plus. Veggie stir fry? Sure! Turkey lasagna with whole wheat noodles? No problem. Tofu salad in an Asian raspberry vinaigrette? Why not? Ravioli bake anyone? Homemade mashed potatoes? You name it, he'll eat it...and most of the time without complaint! Andy and I equally crave sushi on a daily basis, nightly say we want ice cream or shock tarts and praise God Andy doesn't shudder in disgust when I grab a box of mini Charleston Chews, a movie-sized container of Mike n' Ikes, a bag of Swedish Fish or Sour Patch Kids and a package of Milk Duds...all in one "candy run." 

Praise God.

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  1. Oh Kirsten...I just love you. This made me smile. :)