The Honeymoon

After putting a good deal of research into our HM (thank you, Andy!) our trip was cancelled the Monday before we were scheduled to leave. Long (LONG LONG LONG) story short, we (and by "we" I mean Andy) searched hard, lucked out, and got a great deal on a fabulous resort in the Rivera Maya. We were treated well, had a beautiful environment and some great relaxation time! Andy did ALL of the planning for this portion of wedding related things...he was AWESOME and deserves all the credit!

May it have been sleeping in, laying out, or eating and drinking anything and everything we wanted, our time spent in Mexico was as amazing as it was last time (when we got engaged) and an absolute week of spoilage. Now THIS is a great way to start off a lifetime of happiness;)


Delicious food...and only minor sun burns

Day trip to Playa del Carmen

Home sweet home...for the week.

Til' death do us part?

Andy's little friend...the huge iguana 

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