THAT'S RIGHT...We Did It! We're Married!

"Hello! Thank you so much for coming! This is my HUSBAND, Andy." July 25th, 2009 this was my phrase of choice. That and "ANDY, HOLY COW...we're really married, we did it! We're married!!"

It may have taken us (and by "us" I do mean my mother and I, with a dash of dragging Andy, my dad, sister and even baby brother along for the ride:) a total of 13 months, but we finally finished it...the planning! There were plenty of highs and plenty of lows. In fact, the week before the "big day" I was so exhausted and stressed I didn't even care what decisions were left to be
 made, what items crowded our to-do list. I wanted. it. done. 

Now, all I can think of on a daily (note daily) basis is how much I want to do it. all. over. again. and again. and AGAIN! 

Andy and I were beyond blessed with the most amazing celebration of our love and commitment to one another. Literally we could not have asked for more. Every small detail played out perfectly. Every helping hand was joyfully working away, without complaint (even with a minor bridezilla on the side!). The day, simply put, was awesome (in the literal definition of the word; "expressive of awe, inspiring awe, terrific or extraordinary"). We could not have had such an outstanding day, had it not been for the help, support and advice of our
 dear friends and family (you all know who you are! THANK YOU!!!). The generosity of our loved ones was incredible...and we are forever in debt. 

For those of you who were there, and those of you unable to make it, here are some photos from our wonderful day! Enjoy the work of Michael Fisk:

My Fabulous Aunty Lis- workin' the wedding day hair!

Prayer before leaving the salon

Noah Bailey helping Kevin Clark with his tie....both groomsmen and best friends of Andy's.

A photo of the bus stop my dad and Andy were sitting at when Andy asked for my hand in marriage on Mother's Day 2008.

How would a girl ever do this alone?! My bridesmaid Katelyn Crutcher and Maid of Honor/Sister Elisabeth.

Our "first glance"

The whole PARTY!

Let the ceremony begin!

Outstanding performance by amazing musician and beautiful friend Justin Klump

Leaving First Presbyterian Church Yakima while showered with petals!

Michael Fisk Photography

Let there be cake! The one bite we actually got was DELICIOUS!

The tent, in all of her glory (along with my baby brother right in the center)! Thank you Andy, Peg and John! 

Our First Dance

Father/Daughter Dance- I only cried through about 15/16 of it:)

Mother/Son Dance

Great friends, amazing dancers and all out perfect wedding guests Kimberly Bailey, Lindsey Smith, Madison Carter, Yvonne Chan and Leslie Kincaid

My Uncle Dennis and Arleen gettin' down!

Let the dancing begin!

Lis and one of our photographers, Rebecca Fisk!

Kev, right after he pulled his tux sleeves off

A lovely cigar break for the boys! Thank you Noahie and Mark!

We didn't want the night to end!

If you'd like to see all our pics and gaze at the glorious work of Michael and Rebecca Fisk check out:

Michael Fisk Photography is opening a soon-to-be beautiful studio...check out who's on the store front window:)

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