Scrubs Day Sunday!

So I've been SUPER, ridiculously, PAINFULLY sick for the past week-ish. Luckily I got some visit time with my best friend, Katie who I hardly see before the sickness hit full on. Sadly enough Andy left the day I started feeling really horrible for an over night work trip...then we spent 4.5 hours in the hospital last night with dehydration and x-rays...oh joy! I am feeling a bit better today...for the first time, Praise the Lord!!! Although the meds they have me on have resulted in a few strange side effects...which I will NOT post...I'll spare you the pain of reading the details:) That being said...here is some of my favorite show, I will never fail to share!

When watching this scene, which I actually just did in my homemade "Kirty is sick nest" located on the ground next to the heater vent, I always cry a little. Please enjoy:)


  1. Kirty, you can tell us about the bad B.O. that came from your medicine. We won't judge you.

  2. rude and incorrect all at the same time....hem