Spooner Farms 2009

This weekend was too short...again. Ever since I became an adult and graduated, got married and (finally) found a job all since June...my weekends seem to have disappeared. Nonetheless we found a few small moments this weekend to take advantage of this time of year, good friends, and being "off work" (my new favorite phrase! haha). On Saturday we met Kim, Noah, Justin and Yvonne in Bonney Lake for lunch. We ate some interesting food at a Chinese restaurant and then parted ways as Justin and Yvonne had a wedding to attend in Seattle. Kim, Noah, Andy and I made our merry way to Spooner Farms to pick out pumpkins. This was Andy and I's first pumpkin carving experience....for whatever reason we haven't made much out of Halloween in the years past. We picked out some goods and spent the night carving pumpkins and roasting seeds at the Bailey's home:)

So, lately... I've been trying to be festive...without going overboard. You see we have little space to store anything meaning I got rid of all my fall time/halloween decor and most of whatever I had for Christmas...which wasn't much. Additionally, I'm high on trying to fit that "wife" mold....thus I attempt to make dinner nightly. This hasn't proven to be as fulfilling as anticipated (enter smiley face) although it has been fun attempting to further my skills in the kitchen. Anywho...check it out:)

Three bean chili and cornbread from scratch=yum!

Our carved pumpkins...and even a little one for mini

Pumpkins again! Notice the little D by the door...Nana gave us this and I finally found a sweet little home for it:)

Pumpkins up close

Cutest little gourd ever

Justin singing at our wedding...and a cute little pumpkin from Spooner Farms

A little festive decor-cost a total of $1.00 (leaves free from my back "yard") that sits above my sink

Kimmy and Noah at Spooner Farms

Andy and I

The boys with the Kins

I THOUGHT I found the one

Friendly Spider

Mini and her Pumpkin

Kimmy and I...OH and the cow

Does it work? It didn't....:)

getting messy

the boys and their pumpkins! All clean and ready to carve

Andy going in for the kill

the boys and the little gourd:)

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