Welcome to the ER

*I'd like to mention some semi-gross pictures at the end of this post...as an FYI and warning:)

So, Andy and I have been getting to know the ER fairly well lately. To be honest we've taken the past two weeks to explore a few different ERs....heaven forbid we put all our eggs in one basket:) After my little episode with Salmonella....which I swear was the spawn of The Thai Kitchen in Queen Anne, although results of this are undetermined....and a 4 or 5 hour evening in the ER, we were hoping our experiences at hospitals and/or doctors would be fulfilled for the duration of the year. With continual dermatology care before the wedding, along with other doc related tasks over the year, I of all people were D-O-N-E with the Dr's office. As is, I am not one who enjoys, or will exactly jump at the opportunity, to go to the doctor, let alone the ER. In fact, even though I was in an obviously unbearable amount of pain, Andy basically had to dragggg me to get check out during my little experience being "as sick as I've ever been."

So, on Sunday after we got home around 2:30AM from our friends Justin and Yvonne's engagement party in Vancouver, I was in no shape to go watch Andy play basketball in the morning (although I'm not sure if I was even invited, nor that my presence would have changed the course of events anyway). Surprised that Andy actually made it to the game, I slept in with happiness and ease. Waking up to loads of laundry and overdue apartment cleaning that I was unable to finish on Friday evening after work, I hopped to. Laundry was done, bathroom was cleaned, floors-check! But WAIT! Where is Mini? Oh, yes....Lis had her. The helpful sister that she is, Lis babysat her overnight as we were to be gone all day for the E-Party in The Couve.

I called Andy quickly knowing he'd be on his way home from the game. He willingly said He'd hunt Lis down (Lis' house? Jamie's house? Where?) and followed up by casually saying he had fallen while playing and had cut his chin. "I don't think it's anything serious. I mean it bled pretty badly but stopped quickly. I don't know, but when I come home you may need to look at it to tell me if you think I need stitches." With the calm tone in his voice I thought nothing was really wrong and continued with laundry folding...even threw in a little blog time...until Andy arrived.

It was apparent to me almost automatically that stitches would be necessary. Andy on the other hand did not want to sit in the ER and wait for hours, or "waste time" on his Sunday while there was good football on. As I can relate, I was supportive of Andy calling Liea Brown, Sarah Larson and even thinking of my sister's roomie Amber. "They're nurses, they can at least tell me if they think I NEED stitches...." Truth be told it was a smart move-even though we got ahold of no one, and ended up in the ER anyway. The nurse there took one look at him and just said, "yep, stitches." After a four hour endeavor, Andy had a CT scan, a couple numbing shots-whatever the medical name for that would be, and some very rigorous cleaning...to say the least, a badly bruised jaw and 6 stitches.

Shortly after the incident


hospital again

Andy-after getting all cleaned up and waiting 3 hours for stitches

final product


Sick picture of me in the hospital....if this isn't proof that I was sicker than I've ever been, I dunno what is!

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  1. You still look beautiful in the eyes of death honey buns.