Halloween, The Flu, and Magnum PI

So here I am...second day of November and already sick....again! Luckily this time it's not as bad as last...but boy do I sure feel cruddy! I believe it could be just a cold, but leave it to me to be extremely paranoid about H1N1! I'm sick enough to be at work...and seriously considering going home. I need some tea, a nest and a couple scrubs DVDs. It would be lovely if today was Sunday still...and Andy could stay home and take care of me...awwwww.

Anywho, I made it through this past weekend just fine. Not until Sunday did I start feeling like death (can one's kidneys actually hurt??). This is all good news because this weekend was Halloween! We went to a party in Gig Harbor/Purdy, or one of the surrounding areas where Kim Baily's family owns a beach house. Such a great view, hardly any phone service and being surrounded by good friends-the night was good. It was 80's themed and one was allowed to wear any costume-may it just be 80's wear or a character fom a favorite show or movie. Andy and I chose Pacman and Mrs. Pacman:) We even made the costumes ourselves! Except I forgot Mrs. Pacman's beauty mark....as pointed out by my niece Mckenna...sheesh-how could I?!?!? So, below is the evidence of the night. Kevin Clark and Eric Schsissler came from CO, my sister's roomie and one of Andy's good friends, Ally, came from Seattle, and we all awed over Lindsay's growing belly. Baby Smith doesn't have a name yet...but I'm sure Adam and Linds will arrive a great name conclusion soon! Mini even had a friend as Joel and Jaime Starr brought their new family addition, Emma. She's a tinier version of my cousin Sophia's dog Beck and boy is she CUTE!!

As I began this entry on Monday and it is now at the end of the day on Tuesday, I can now say in the past 2 days i've worked 2 hours. I'm exhausted and although it was determined that I, in fact, do NOT have H1N1, I do feel so horrible. My theories are stress from work and personal life along with a compromised immune system (thank you Salmonella!!!) has led me to touch someone's hand or the hand rail in the bus and thats all it took-great!! Needless to say, I feel like death, AGAIN! how is it that I'm this sick....after being almost equally as sick just a month prior? boo and hiss.

Care Bear and Magnum PI

Two of my faves...Mrs. Pacman and CareBear Ally!

Pee Wee Herman and some booz

Kimmy Gibler 

Mrs. Pacman....and Magnum PI did NOT get along

My husband and his 2 week old "beard"


some cute booties....including that of a care bear


the sweatshirt says it all:)

Mini and her new friend Emma Starr!

The boys in all their...uh...glory?

Danny Tanner


  1. HAHAHAHAHA!!! i love your guys' costumes! mr and ms pacman? can you guys get any cuter? i don't think so :)

  2. My favorite part of this post is the picture of the little black puppy and Mini smelling her butt haha. Typical.