The Thankful List

If you haven't caught on, noticed or didn't know already...I really, really have an appreciation for lists. As I sit home alone, waiting for my injured husband to arrive from an apparently semi-rough Sunday Morning basketball game...I decide that continuing to work on my "list of things I am thankful for" makes for a productive and adequate mode of avoiding worry...you see, when my husband calls and says he can hardly move his jaw without pain and doesn't know if he needs stitches, the only thing that may keep me sane is the absurd level of calm in his voice...and my OCD list making:)

    Kelsey Eberth reminded me that being thankful and acknowledging those really great things in life is something worth talking about...and typing about....and creating a list of:) THUS, here is an ever growing list of things I'm currently and constantly thankful for in no particular order:

    • being employed 
    • a made bed
    • my laptop-it goes anywhere and everywhere with me with such ease 
    • the smell of vanilla candles 
    • my family and ever special and unique thing they each, individually bring to my life
    • that cleaning actually relieves stress for me even tho it's still exhausting 
    • my aching feet...which remind me that I am, in fact, employed
    • my sweet little dog that greets me with such love and excitement every time I walk in the door
    • scrubs dvds
    • my small and extremely ubiquitous group of besties
    • Lindsay and Adam starting a family...which brings joy to my life...which I am thankful for
    • heat, my space heater, the feeling of warmth and the ability to pay for it
    • chocolate and all chocolate related items
    • the fact that our executive chef and executive sous chef both like me (or so I think) and let me taste every delicious piece of art work that comes out of their kitchen....even if it is "just" fine-cheese
    • my husband
    • my parents, and the fantastic example they have set for my new family
    • the new, real-life Alice in Wonderland movie... starring Johnny Depp
    • white wine and extra dirty martinis 
    • my challenging faith
    • my hopeful future
    • early morning coffee
    • bravo 
    • craigslist
    • sleeping in
    • my health...which gets tampered with from time to time...thank you salmonella 
    • cooking! even tho I cannot be sure if I'm any good at it
    • Kimmy's love for candy...and how it matches mine:)
    • my Mini dog...and 4 successful years as a dog-mom
    • my education 
    • list making...it makes me happy...and I am thankful for happiness. Here is a list of things I'm currently making-yes a list of lists:
  • Things needing to get done at work before my floors can open
  • Things to order for work...so I can organize a million documents
  • Personal TO-DO List
  • Things I'm thankful for
  • Grocery list
  • List of baby names-although this list has been going on since I was 15...
  • THE List- a list of things Andy and I plan on doing together
  • A family birthday list-as my family doubled, if not tripled in size, I need a list to keep track of everyone....Sheesh I went from zero nieces and nephews to eight

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