Things My Dog Consumes...That She SHOULD NOT!

another list, this time a short one on the things Mini literally enjoys eating (and I do, honestly, believe she enjoys eating these things) that should really not be consumed by any dog...let alone one of such a small stature:

1. dirty martinis....aparently she takes after her gma and mom
2. chocolate...and lots of it...and she'll choose it over gummy worms (this I've literally witnessed)
3. the crotch of undies...any undies
4. spicy cheetos, salt and vinegar chips and tim cascade jalapeno chips  
5. baby carrots...but only the baby ones
6. peanuts...but rarely almonds

more to come. xo

1 comment:

  1. she still loves the crotches of panties?! haha i remember losing a few pairs to her! she was an expert at getting into them no matter how hard you tried to keep them away!