In light of Jaime Starr's recent blog post...I feel it necessary to make a list of things I'm looking forward to in 2010. You see this will be a year of MANY 1st for me...I have done many things (like celebrating on Dec. 31st for the new year...etc.) in my 23 years of life...but NEVER have I done them as a wife:)

1. The New Year....OKOK this is an obvious

2. The Chan/Klump Wedding

3. Vacation time with The Baileys' and the Olivers'

4. Mini's 5th birthday

5. Official position change at work and or a new job completely:)

6. Becoming serious about home-buying

7. Kelsey's 25th birthday! (big one for a bestie!)

8. The Larson/Bartley Wedding (OK so this'll prob be in 2011 but still....just in case)

9. The Carpenter/Glass Wedding

10. Aimee and Dez's wedding and visits to TX

11. First bday, valentines day, st. patty's day, 4th of july and then some...as a married lady:)

12. The birth of Baby Smith and the welcome home of Daddy Smith

As the days climb I'm sure this list will grow. How fortunate are we to have things to look forward to? To know that although we're not guarenteed tomrorow, we at least have hope for it.

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