Dare To Be....

So, I have grown to really appreciate, love and admire a small family-the Fisks'. Soon to be brining a 3rd member to this fam, the Fisks' are genuine, fun and simply put, supercool. Michael Fisk is, as many of you who care to keep up with my random (and often attempting to be witty) banter, my wedding photographer. He and his wife, now pregnant, are pure talent and are thus, bound to bring a wonderful life into the world. Michael Fisk Photography's "slogan" if you will ("slogan" sounds like "i'm trying to sell you something" which Michael doesn't really need to do-his work speaks for itself. I will use the term here anyway), is Dare To Be Different. Lately, Michael has been using his facebook status as a means to send messages or dares to the general FB public. A few examples of his recent FB posts follow:

-Dare to stay married.

-Dare to make a difference.

-Dare to chase opportunity.

-Dare to be a trailblazer.

-Dare to say NO to limits.

-Dare to surrender to self-confidence and tackle God-confidence.

-Dare to say NO to "at least"

-Dare to live in Prayer Mode.

-Dare to forget about YOUR good ideas. Embrace GOD ideas.

-Dare to say NO to tradition.

-Dare to be the BEST at what you do.

And so forth. The point here is to push yourself. To dare yourself to do something out of your regular. Step out of your comfort zone and really change your daily life. So here is, with the inspiration of Michael Fisk, my list of dares:

-Dare to be paitent.

-Dare to be stonger than I am.

-Dare to keep my mouth shut.

-Dare to make the call.

-Dare to be independent.

-Dare to stand up for myself.

-Dare to love my husband more and more every day.

-Dare to not be so hard on myself.

-Dare to do the opposite of stress.

-Dare to stick to what I believe.

-Dare to not judge.

-Dare to do extra.

-Dare to continue.

-Dare to make your own list.

-Dare you to dare yourself.

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