Focusing on Us-As Written Last Saturday

Andy and I have been staying in lately....I speak here of the weekends. I feel as if with work-comes some seriously needed play, but what happens when one becomes so exhausted that said play becomes "lets order in and get an on demand! movie tonight." This was our night last night. FRIDAY night to be exact. This, also, was our night previous  LAST Friday night. We, or uh, I more like it, was so exhausted from what has become my new life- work, work, work, work, work, weekend flies by, repeat- that staying in and having zero plans sounds like the most amazing weekend. 

Now, this isn't all bad. Andy and I had a large handful of consecutive weekends that would fly by, due to how packed they were. Plans with the Baileys', CO boys in town for Halloween, Justin Klump concerts and nights out with friends filled our weekends with fun and joy but holy cow can all that play leave one w/out sleep....and when Monday comes...sheesh. Please don't get me wrong here- I love ALL of our friends. I FULLY enjoy weekends full of these friends and all of our great plans but what happens? Andy and I get no time for us. We, eh hem, I become exhausted and irritable and just need some time at home. When I'm at work all week working 40-45 hours (which is a HUGE change for me) I hardly get to see my husband-the last thing I want during the weekends is to again, NOT see him. 

As Andy and I have learned, especially in the past few months is that marriage really is about compromise. Not just "meet me half way" (one of my favorite "marriage phrases") but compromising our time, making sure we not only compromise with one another, but with general existence. In compromising comes time to work on, focus on, and spend on us....what a concept. Who knew graduating college, getting married and moving in with an individual actually meant, "I won't see much of you anymore?"

Here's to the weekend. Here's to amazing friends. Here's to focusing on us.

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  1. You've entered the grown-up, married life! It's funny how most 23 year olds are enjoying thier new independence, usually right after college. Here we are married, and heck I even have babies to go along with it all! Life is a rollercoaster ride.