This blog has become more of a journal of random sorts for me. I've decided that I will post a bit about all the amazing deals I find. For those of you who know me well....y'all know I LOVE a deal. Although I know this has little relation to becoming a new wife (especially because I have ALWAYS been a deal finder:) I will make the two subjects relate by saying this....my money is no longer my money...actually it never was BUT now all "my" money is Andy and I's money. THAT being said...I can justify my *minor* spending sprees to my husband by saying, "burn, this salt and pepper shaker set was only 8 bucks down from $30! And this dress, only $13 down from $110!" Although this doesn't excite him as it does me, I think he's happy I'm a deal-finder with a purchase problem...instead of a "price isn't an option" finder with a purchase problem:) Enjoy as i share some of my finds!

Proof of my deal finding powers. This is the tag from the below pants. Originally $110.00 down to $79.99, then to $19.97 plus 40% off means I pay $12.00 before tax. 
$110.00 dollar wide leg Banana Republic trousers for $12.00.

Recently while shopping....what, Andy was out of town and I was bored. I found the 90% off Christmas supplies at Target. These gold, glass ornaments were $0.25 town from $2.50.
Christmas Tree 2010 here we come--> ornaments $0.25 down from $2.50.

More Christmas decor. These little trees, the larger measuring around 1.5ft and the smaller perhaps a little over 1 were a total of around $3.67 for BOTH! $1.96 for the large and $1.68 for the small. The pic makes these look horrid-they're actually quite cute and festive.

This top was a Marsha's find. I'm unable to see the original price due to all the mark down stickers, but it was $0.70 before tax.

Here is the above mentioned $13.00 dress. Originally this dress was $110.00!

And the above mentioned salt and pepper shakers-Anthropologie knows me well apparently.  

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