SOOOOOO frankly, my husband may or may not be EXCEPTIONALLY happy about this post. First, it was the bedside tables. Allllll I wanted (of course after we got a dresser....hehe) was bedside tables. When Andy actually said "OK, do as you please," (such the supportive and practical husband!) I couldn't decide what I wanted. Then I found some that were not only cute but decently priced (thank you Ikea...of course). Fairly sturdy...I was sold, and have been pleased ever since. OF COURSE...all I could think about decor wise after the purchase of bedside tables were...lamps. I have been searching high and low for lamps that are decently priced (again...Kirty the deal finder) but cute. I decided I didn't want matching ones to avoid being too matchy-matchy and thus went about trying to find two lamps that were different...but echoed each other. I found nothing.

 THEN, just today while scoping out my usual blogs I came to one of my favorites youpaidmorethanme.blogspot.com. The blogger posted about Pier One sale....including some lamps I had seen and fallen in love with that were on sale  for %50 percent off! STILL the lamps were $50.00/each. A silly ridiculous fantastic deal HOWEVER, I made a deal with my husband convincing him I could get my two beside table lamps for around $60.00. Not happening with my beautiful, coveted, mirror Pier One lamp. While attempting to figure out if I could just buy one lamp and walk away without being heartbroken I stumbled across a gold mine!

Behold! The Pineapple Lamp! 

Although it doesn't seem to be exceptionally special, it is a beautiful lamp! It's base is covered in the pattern reminiscent of a pineapple and the shade is rich and soothing. 

Although the shades are not my #1 choice for the room and will eventually be replaced, they are exceptionally functional and frankly, I'm excited about them. Finally-our room is a sanctuary! 

And the best part....the 75% off price tag...I kid you not. I could have had one (beautiful) mirrored lamp for $50.00 or the two I chose for $45! LOVE IT! I chose to get two, mainly because I couldn't help myself but also because we needed two lamps (OKOK, I really wanted two lamps). Although they are identical (not my original desire) they were cheap and I have learned something recently about decor (thanks Mama!)....taste changes-so spend wisely:) If these lamps don't work in the bedroom in 6 months-they will in the living room!:)
Here's to great deals...and a total bill of $45 down from $180:)

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