It's Magic...no really

I cannot stress this enough so, please do listen closely. Magic Erasers are amazing....literally these babies do not lie-they are indeed Magic. Andy and I moved into our current apartment and although we were told that the carpet was cleaned twice and the place had a thorough once over by whatever (apparently worthless) cleaning company they use, the place was a filthy mess. I, being the organized, "not type A" clean freak that I am...I scrubbed this place top to bottom. The big problem was the tub. I cannot tell you how many different cleaning products I used and how many different textured brushes and sponges I tried...nothing worked. Andy was convinced it was just an old tub. I let it rest at that even though every week when I clean the tub I get incredibly upset that those funky stains won't disappear. 

Kim Baily suggested KABOOM! saying that it did amazing things for her shower. She had never seen something sparkle in such a way. After KABOOM! didn't work I figured Andy was right...stupid old tub! But then, I got inspired. While wandering around Target today (Andy's out of town...with nothing else on my plate what is one to do but go meander around Target looking for things they don't need but can't live without?) looking for fruit and vege cleaner and some non-toxic kitchen cleaner I gazed in the direction of the Magic Eraser. 

I used to use these babies when I lived in Eburg and loved them! They were on sale so I picked up a two pack, along with a toy for mini, some heart shaped cookie cutters, white T's for my husband, some almond m&m's, and a $6 dollar dress,  and went at that disgusting tub with everything I had in me. "One last try," I told myself....maybe this would work. It didn't...I scrubbed a little more, turned on the light-after replacing the light bulb I removed from the bathroom to put in my new lamps and TA DA! It worked! I was so excited I couldn't even stop to take before and after pictures but my tub...it looks brand new! I'm upset now that I've been showering in such a tub...knowing that something could take out the stains means they weren't just old tub stains and frankly, that disgusts me. 

Here's to Magic Erasers. 

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