Will this be my life?

So, I'm actually taking action. As many of you know, I have been wedding (and home decor) obsessed for many, many a year. Yes, yes, I'm a sappy sap sap. I spent 2 hours last week crying my way through wedding and engagement videos on a videographer's blog. You should actually check them out-just such sweet raw footage! (will be providing blog addy asap:).

Any who, in always thinking of coordinating weddings (I think I started my wedding inspiration note book at 13? 14?), says the girl who has watched "weddings of the rich and famous," "instyle weddings," "who's wedding is it anyway?" "say yes to the dress," "platinum weddings," and even "bridezillas" and "the bachelor" (to name a few), but always being fearful that it wasn't a stable enough career, I think I am finally becoming real about this. After planning my own, my heart warmed with the idea and I honestly cannot think of anything else I'd rather pursue. Sure, maybe my gut telling me that wedding planning and design isn't the most stable of careers is a truthful feeling-after all, it certainly isn't a necessity in life, but one must go where their heart is...right?

I've helped a handful of friends/family friends with various wedding details and planning. I can gush and gush and gush over wedding details of my friends and not friends who are nearing the soon-to be bride stage in their life. I can, and have done quite a bit of "not-so-serious but more for fun"pseudo planning. I've come up with a business name and researched getting a business license. Chit chatted with whoever I can about how they got where they are, but for the first time I'm really feeling serious about this.

Of course I would want some professional experience first. In looking at possible job changes-I've decided to stick with what I have now, (stable, well-paying position in the field I actually graduated in) until I find that experience providing job. I've written a small handful of wedding planning companies asking for advice on where to start (or begging for them to find a small position I can fill), I've been searching and applying to volunteer my extra time to becoming wedding website's blog interns and simply throwing myself at anyone who I see via FB or anything of the sort (If you need help!!!!!!????!!!!) who becomes recently engaged. I've been attending various wedding related events (thanks Jeanie for being my date last weekend!) and doing mini bits of networking in the Seattle area. I've been finding myself distracted at work as I blog (right now) and gmail chat/fb message my friends who write me for inspiration and help...and i love it.

Will this be my life? We will see. Until then I will be working on my first real coordinating position. I'm honored that my friend Katelyn, who went to school with my brother and myself (obviously at different times) has looked to me for extra help.....of course I've been hounding her on how her plans are coming along, "can I help? let me send you epic emails that will take you days to read..."). Still, she has asked me to do week prior and day of coordination for her wedding in June and I could not be more thrilled! We meet today to organize her fabulous ideas that in her words "just dont' feel cohesive" and I am itching to get to work. Heck-if this isn't my future career-it will be my "hobby." (I'm sure my husband will LOVE that...;)

Until the next-happy planning!

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