N-Y-E 2009

As they tend to do, The Baileys' hosted a gathering at they're beautiful home in Bonney Lake. This time around, it was for NEW YEAR'S 2009. Can anyone really believe this time of year has come (and now passed?). I sure can't. We had a low key celebration surrounded by some great folks. The below photos are from the end of the night to the beginning...enjoy:)

The Dahlhauser Family

Happy New Year's Kiss

Love Birds

Happy NY Noahie

Leia teachin' Noah a lesson:)

Explaining to Leia the teasing and product process...Thank you Aunty Lis

No, Kelly Brown...cheers to you. 

No Caption Necessary

Lindsay, Baby "no name yet" Smith, Kimmy and I

My dinner mainly consisted of chapagne and runts....it's the dietitian in me. 


Sherlock Holmes 

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