Dream Living Space

a little too much green-however, it IS a beautiful green.

Love the combo of deep gray and olive green....can't get enough.

Love the relaxing, spa like colors in this room.

Again...pops of green. OH and beautiful tall windows...this room is organic modern and i love it.

Can't get enough of this gold chair.

love the rustic, antique fireplace!

Andy and I are OBSESSED with built ins... I could spend all day in this room.

Gray, exposed brick, tree-like wall decal? If only I had the guts.

Every room needs a pop of animal print;).

Love this glass coffee table...

Again...built ins! AND soothing spa like colors.

The celling height in this room is ROCKIN'....

Love these couches and fireplace!

Perfect pops of green.

Chairs to die for...

built ins, built ins, built ins....

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