As many of you know well..i love lists. I make lists for everything: daily to-do lists at work, personal life to-do lists, lists of the movies I want to see or the books I want to read, lists of life goals-short or long term, lists about lists like the list I'm making now....

Because it's been so long since I've updated this blog (no worries-more to come soon) I will make a list of what is going on (enter list #1) in our lives and then a list (enter list #2) of all the things COMING SOON to a blog near you.

LIST #1:

1) After quite the struggle (or so it felt) Andy and I bought a house!!
2) With help from Kim and Noah Bailey and Leif we moved into the house-unpacked VERY little and have been there for just about 3 weeks living in dust and out of boxes:)
3) within those 3 weeks we have (and by me I really mean Andy...I just do clean up really):
  • purchased a washer and dryer
  • figured out how to install that washer and dryer ourselves (enter andy...:)
  • found out that we have no water heater in our back house which is the only usable shower due to.....
  • the fact that Andy and Kelly Brown tore out our tub and shower....along with surrounding tile and dry wall:)
  • found out after ripping out said tile and dry-wall that alllllllllll the bathroom walls will need to be ripped out due to the many layers that were hidden behind the shower...fun times.
  • after again...much struggle, Andy figured out (with help from our awesome neighbor, Jack) how to install a mini water heater...thank you home depot
  • This all happened within the last 3 weeks-one of those weeks was devoted to a week long vaca in Mexico...thus, this all happened within 1 week before Mexico and the few days after we got back from Mexico (enter Andy and hard work).

4) we went to Mexico for a week...pics to come.

5) our dear friends Justin Klump (who sang at our wedding) and Yvonne Chan got married! It was so great-they're so in love...it's precious.

6) Andy left (again...for the 2nd time in June outside of Mexico) for work. He'll be gone until THIS Thurs, then leaves on Friday for Hoop Fest in Spokane, returns on Sunday just to leave again on Monday.

7) We plan on having Andy's brother, Tracy come out to help us pull and update our electrical on the weekend of the 10th of July.

LIST #2:

1) Mexico Pics!

2) Before shots of torn apart, messy house (soon to be followed by after shots--->enter positive thinking)

3) Pics of the Klump/Chan wedding!

4) Pics of the Ludlow/Edler wedding!

5) general update on Dahlhauser Life---> work, current general journal like thoughts, hopes, wishes, dreams, further lists, relationship talk, etc.

peace and love,


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  1. Oh Kirsten! I love your blog, you are amazing :)