To-Do list for....the house!

Here is yet another this...this is a semi-official master to-do list for the house. Keep in mind that everything is currently fuctioning and is totally liveable-however we want to update and make it more practal for our lives (plus we want to make some stuff pretty:). Please enjoy the ride!

1) finish bathroom- which includes the following:
-remove sink and toilet
-remove rest of dry-wall and floor
-replace dry wall
-replace tub, sink (new vanity?!) and toilet
-tile floor and shower
-enter fixtures (the best part!!!)

2) update electrical-enter Tracy and Andy punching holes in our walls...wooohooo-->then new lights, light switches, outlets, etc!!! (this means i can finally purchase some lighting fixutres!!!)

3) research new furnace/heating-cooling system-fun...or not >;(

4) finish designing kitchen lay out

5) demo entire kitchen so that we can:

6) demo wall between living/kitchen/dining room

7) find floors to patch all "holes" from furnace and in kitchen (kitchen has crap floors now-we hope to match the current hardwoods and lay hard woods in the kitchen just to restain the entire thing:) while we:

8) reassemble kitchen including:

-looking for new appliances
-purchasing and installing new cabinets
-purchasing and installing counter tops and back splash
-FIXTURES!!!! (best part again:)

9) new windows----somewhere along the line

10) new trim and molding...means removing all the current crap trim:)

11) reinstall all doors- the house came with all the original doors which I love, however they were all taken off the hinges...they must be replaced:)

12) restain floors so that they all match (hello patching kitchen and such!!!)

13) organize tiny bedroom closets so that they have multiple bars, perhaps some built in shelving and drawers which in turn gives us more storage space

14) replace fixtures throughout house (on built ins, lights in and out, etc)

15) select and implement: PAINTING everything!!!!

16) Yard which includes:

-design yard lay out
-jack hammer all cement out
-lay grass
-lay patio area
-get grill for husband so he stops asking about it and so I can have salmon whenever I want:)
-locate area for garden:)
-make cement wall (check out photos coming later) into something beautiful-rock wall???
-patch fence...or just get an entirely new one!
-get rid of cement in yard and bird bath in front yard, lay grass, general landscaping
-small "porch/deck" off front of house

17) Garage:
-clean out!!!
-new garage door
-general organization of storage

18) laundry/mudroom/pantry
-design layout
-stack washer/dryer
-purchase and assemble/install sink, cabinets, counter tops, etc.
-select and install new floors
-move water heater from this area to basement

19) Back house/backyard cottage
-take down ugly paneling
-re texture walls
-re tile shower
-put old sink from bathroom in back house bathroom
-nw bathroom floors
-new fixtures (horribly outdated even though I love the color----greeeen!!)

This list is likely only part of the responsibilities we signed up for-however difficult it may be we hope it brings us closer together and teaches us about a) our selves and our relationship and b) how to do lots of handy stuff:). We're excited for this journey so please do keep your eyes out for many home related blog updates and entries!


  1. My goodness - you will be a very busy lady getting all this done!

  2. Lots of things to do!! But I am sure it will be a fun and exciting experience! I love house stuff, so I will live vicariously through you! :)