More Stuff I'm diggin' currently AND Good Music Friday

Thought #1)

My general nature leaves me to enjoy...I mean enjoyyy objects. No, I'm not proud of this nor am I exceptionally pleased by it- I realize that material wise, what I gain here on earth is so meaningless in the grand scheme of things, however I am working on embracing the fact that I find a passion for beautiful things. It's not that I worship them, or love them, or value them over things such as relationships however-I enjoy them. That being said, I'm working on focusing my passion for beautiful object-like things towards a better good... how you may ask? Answer= I don't know. However I've been meditating on this quote by C.S. Lewis-

"All that we call history-money, poverty, ambition, war, prostitution, classes, empires and slavery-is the long terrible story of man trying to find something other than God which will make him happy." -C.S. Lewis

Thought #2

In enjoying all this pretty crap-here are some blogs where one could find say..inspiration...for the use of pretty crap:

  • So this blogger-however fabulous her posts are and taste is-is a tintsy intsy bit rash (pardon the language content). I however, find her hilarious and thus am wasting LOTS of time catching up on her blog:) MFAMY
  • More banter...witty, witty banter- i suwanne
  • This blogger was just killed in a car accident. The latest post is made by her husband and it's heartbreaking. Her taste is fabulous and the blog is definitely something to check out-Holding Court

Thought #3)

This time last year-in fact, one year ago exactly-I was welcoming family and friends into town, antsy for the coming days, running last minute wedding-related-errands, setting up my reception (or directing others how to do so;) and gearing up for my Rehearsal Dinner among other things (crying, getting nervous, feeling stressed, getting a massage b/c I was feeling stressed, not eating b/c I was feeling stressed, getting really excited, calling people to see if they were still coming or if I was crazy-"HELLO?! MICHAEL FISK? I KNOW WE SIGNED A CONTRACT WITH YOU AND YOU SAID THAT IN TWO DAYS YOU WERE DOING THE PHOTOGRAPHY FOR OUR WEDDING BUT UH....ARE WE STILL ON!? TELL ME WE'RE ON!????"-needless to say, one of the huge reasons I want to go into event coordination is so that other brides, for example, don't turn into who I was for a split second...I mean week before one of the biggest days of my life.) If you're anything like me, or even really know me you're probably thinking the same thing- WOAHHHHH where the H-E-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS did a year go? This weekend I celebrate my one year anniversary....we made it baby...now only what, 75 more years to go?;)

Thought #4

with my one year anniversary nearing, I thought I'd devote Good Music Friday to our first dance song...good times:)

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