Urban Camping

So...we're camping. Andy has always wanted to go on a camping trip. I of course, support this-however believe that there should be running water at least SOMEWHERE. Anyway, this is besides the point. Last night we got home from our Home Depot run # 1,235,234, 653 at around 11:30PM. Keep in mind, Andy and I both work at 6:30AM making 11:30PM a VERY late night. But nonetheless, Home Depot was a necessity, that and we spent 2.5 hours there for unknown reasons. Exhausting.

So, this morning my friend and fellow co-worker, Daniel was making some funny comment about my escapades with The Depot and my husband who apparently thinks pulling and pushing me around with the likes of backer board, drywall and sub-floor at 10pm is a fun thing, and I went into the nomad story.

You see, Andy and I are not living at home right now. It's a mess there! With no electricity and hardly a non-dust covered surface we have been "urban camping." Thank you Daniel for the idea...:) "Usually" we stay at my sister's house. She only has one room/bed however and so she stays at her best friend's house. She claims that usually she doesn't stay at her place anyway, but I think she's just being nice:). Additionally, our friends Kelly and Leia have opened up their home as they're on vacation in Spain. Long story short, when Lis can't stay at her friend's home she stays at HER home and we stay at Kelly and Leia's...alas, urban camping. That being said last night's Depot trip resulted in a trip from my sister's to The Depot, back to our house to drop of purchased items, back to Kelly and Leia's to get a handful of things and then BACK to my sister's place to sleep...and see Mini. Sigh.

Currently at Lis' the following are kept: a basket of clean clothes, a pile of dirty clothes, my computer and charger, my dog, dog food, dog treats, tennis ball, pile of dirty-ish clothes, makeup, toothbrush, food, one high-heel, one pair of slippers, 2 pairs of flip flops, a towel, and a handful of random toiletries. And that's just MY stuff.

At Kelly and Leia's: a small pile of dirty laundry, a small pile of laundry that needs to be dried...yuck, a pile of clean clothes that are crying out, "FOLD ME!," a book, some PJ's, random toiletries, 2 bobby pins, and a comb.

I hope and pray that someday in the near future all of our things will be in one place-until then...let the reno continue!

Peace and Love,


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