• I'm tired today
  • I have spent most of my morning thinking of how I can leave work early
  • If and when I do leave work early-I'm going home to nap
  • All of a sudden I've started listening to music that reminds me of some of what I listened to in HS...usually in the tanning bed, during cheer practice or at after game dances-enter Usher, Black Eyed Peas and other random Top 40's artists...
  • I'm craving sushi
  • Did I mention I need a nap...and am tired?
  • I've had 1.25 cups of coffee-it's 10:36am
  • I have literally nothing pending to do at work right now...I'm amazed that I'm caught up
  • 9 days until I've been married 1 year!
  • I've spent far too much time with the likes of craigslist, facebook, blogger, etc. today
  • it's gray outside, yet my phone keeps telling me it's supposed to be 76 and sunny...
  • i'm bored-can you tell...eh

that is all.

Peace and Love,


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