Adam's Home!

As I mentioned in a previous post, we were blessed with the opportunity to welcome home our friend Adam Smith from a year-long deployment in Afghanistan. Below are a handful of the pics-emotional, so sweet and such happiness! Enjoy!

The plane lands and the door opens! We were able to see them arrive via a big screen-intense! The blurry picture below is the best I could get of friends Adam and Alex! They are home and safe on American Land YAY!

There was a mini ceremony before the soldiers were released. They had the gym divider down and they were all lining up behind. Then...very dramatically mind you...they raised the screen and....
Here they are!!!!

They see each other from a distance....

First time they've hugged since Feb when Adam was home for his 2 week R&R/Welcome to Daddy-hood!

Logan was soooo overwhelmed by all the noise!

Ready to go home, sleep in his own bed and hang with his fam! Baby Logan and all!

Friends Caroline and Alex finally find each other!

Andy and Noah walk with Adam to get his bags...i mean bagssss! You should have seen Andy try to lift them...funny!

The below photos are while we're waiting for the plane to land and the men to arrive...friends and family sit around anxiously awaiting the arrival of their fathers, husbands, sons and friends!:)

The plane landed and Lindsay is thrilled! In mere hours she'll see her hubby!

Kimmy, Lindsay and I!

The Wives! Lindsay and Caroline

Peace and Love,


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