Things I'm Diggin'

  1. Grillin'. I have a grill. It's awesome. i don't have a stove/oven. It's not so awesome. However, grill+no oven+no idea what I'm doing+summer=grillfood.

  2. Consignment/2nd hand shopping. I've recently purchased an estimated $200 worth of novels and random books for roughly $20, visited a local furniture consignment shop and ALMOST bought a slew of unnecessary but desired household items and picked up about $350+ worth of clothes from the likes of cosign design and value village (who knew Seattle value village carried Banana Republic, Gap, 7 for all mankind, forever 21 and a slew of random other brands that actually hold up, second hand wise! So unlike my Yak days..) for roughly $80.

  3. Speaking of said deals, reading for enterainment....actual fun. NO TEXT BOOKS!

  4. NOT tanning:) well, not laying in a tanning bed. The natural sun will forever be my bestie.

  5. Bi-monthly pedi/mani with my bestie, Kelsey Tanasse-I SO look forward to this hour+ of pampering and chit-chat...

  6. Blogging and obsessive reading of blogs-obviously.

  7. and speaking of....THIS blog...i mean really? Likely the most awesome thing I've seen in some time.

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