One year ago I married my best friend. Amazing as that was...holy heck what the past year as brought! Happiness, sadness, growth, home owner-ship, new jobs, etc etc etc! We celebrated by a day of wine tasting and an over-night stay in leavenworth-relax!

Sometimes, somehow......I forget how beautiful the eastern side of the state is

Cloud-free sky!

St. Laurent Winery-hot sun, chardonnay-happy happy.
A view to die for-great place for a wedding, or simply a day-time buzz;)

Other half of me...:)

Icicle Ridge Winery

They had like 12 tasting wines...the list was extensive and tasty
Hello friend...

One of the two pics I took in Leavenworth...after that it was read, lay out, drink, eat, repeat.

Peace and Love,


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