Things to Expect This Week

So, as you all know Andy and I have been staying at my sister's apartment. This has been much like a constant sleep over consisting of sharing blankies and pillows, discussing who's towel belongs to who and the borrowing of clothes....

Well, here are a few things regarding said sleep over:

#1) I haven't been able to find my USB cord that goes to my camera... This as been an ongoing problem for upwards of a month and finally-well my camera died and I knew I had actually seen my battery charger but didn't know where so THEN I used the excuse that the camera was dead anyway...blah blah blah enter run-on, long-winded excuse (my apologies to Lindsay Smith, Hilary Carpenter and then some for promised pics...I'm a horrible friend!). I have officially found BOTH my charger AND my pack of camera related tools and accessories.

#2) Andy and I got a grill, cleaned up the house, actually hooked up our washer and dryer (which has been unable to get full electricity b/c our power had to be turned off for updates blah blah blah no electricity, yada yada yada we now have power=lights, TV, working outlets, LAUNDRY!) enough so that staying there, and even having The Browns over for dinner AND having my baby brother stay the night, was a possibility!

#3) Andy is gone for a full 24 hours. He hasn't had to travel for at least a month and it's been quite the luxury. I will miss him...I don't sleep well without him and it's pathetic. I hate it and think it's gross but that's what I get for being married;). Additionally we are actually back in our house (however we have only been there 2 nights) so it will be creepy and I likely will catch roughly 4 hours of solid sleep tonight...blah. THAT being said

#1+#2+#3=pics to be uploaded and many blog updates to be read!

#4)The below list is what you will see this week regarding blog updates:
  • current house projects including...wait for it....PICTURES
  • Adam Smith's coming home pictures...well, well, WELL and painfully over-due
  • The Carpenter/Glass wedding...yippy
  • The Chan/Klump wedding (have I really not posted these? I'm disgusting)
  • Anniversary #1
  • a slew of other non-interesting things regarding my life and figuring it all out.

more to come people...more to come.

Peace and Love,


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