Update II:

The bathroom is almost finished! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!! We (and by "we" I mostly mean "Andy") as stripped this baby down to the studs and THIS is what we have as of now:

*enter loud cheering as if from a squad of cheerleaders and similar to the volume at Husky Stadium.

That's right people:
  • new plumbing

  • new window

  • new dry wall

  • new tub

  • new shower tile

  • new shower
  • same toilet that was in the hosue but it's NEW just not purchased by us:)

  • new shower fixtures

  • new vanity

  • new mirror and bath fixtures (towel bar, towel ring, faucet, mirror, shelf above sink, TP holder, etc)

  • new lighting fixture

  • paint (andy even picked the color!)

  • floor tile

  • new window

  • and the list GOES ONNNN!
Needless to say I'm very proud of my husband who mostly did this entire bathroom himself. I am what I like to call a "project manager" meaning I complain about everything, bug Andy to get stuff done ON TOP OF what he's already doing, and pick out all the pretty stuff. Oh, and I clean.

Sadly, before Andy ripped this thing to shreds, I didn't get an adequate "before" pic. Below are a 1) tubless pic/ "my bathroom has nothing in it at all" pic, 3) a few middle ground pics, and a 4) current pic (similar to the above shot:). I CANNOT WAIT to post the final pic which will include but is not limited to a shower curtain AND towels....big fun.

Peace and Love,


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