Update III:

So, Andy and I have worked out a FEW of the minor details of our new layout, i.e. "where will your kitchen be?"

This is a picture of our current kitchen. Enough for maybe one person to be in at a time, this kitchen is fairly function-less. It's storage is LIMITED (I'm being generous here) and it's layout-sucks!!!

What's to come: where you currently see the sink and dishwasher we will create a closet. This closet will serve as the laundry. We want a laundry room (part of our 2nd original plan-yes, I said it...second) ideally however with our limited space this laundry "closet" makes the most sense. We purchased a new washer/dryer set and would like to stack them for superior strorage/extra space, however they may end up side by side with a built in couter top as seen in this example shot:

This is a picture of our "special room" which currently includes (not in these photos) but is not limited to, dry wall storage, tools, washer and dryer, a litter box, kitchen appliances....etc.

Yes it looks (and is) small but not as small as in these shots....it's an awkward space to photograph:)

What's to come: This will be the new kitchen. Between the living room and the Special Room is where our current kitchen is located. It's separated by two walls. These walls will come completely down to create and "open floor-plan" and thus give us a larger kitchen space. From the back of the hosue to the front it will go: kitchen, dining (with laundry area near by), then living room.

The exact kitchen layout is TBD however, we have limited space (common theme in our home) thus giving us fewer options (all in all a good thing!) so these decisions should be easy (crossing fingers).

This includes ALMOST new everything including a new floor as our Special Room is lower than all the other floors (hard to imagine I know). We're hoping for Andy's brother to come out and help us bang out some serious work-enter new floor....

Below are some inspiration pics for what I'd love the kitchen to feel like (obviously our kitchen abilities are a bit more limited;):

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