Christmas thoughts in Oct.

So I just got a little touch of excitement. The house project, as expected, is taking longer than...well...expected hoped for. Totally understandable. I mean ALL of those so awesome I can't even use adequate descriptive words to tell you HOW awesome they actually are stupid shows I watch about flipping houses and blah blah blah ALWAYS take much longer than expected. Ya never know what's behind a wall...I've learned this the hard way. ANYWAY....

All of that unnecessary mumbo jumbo being said, I will not get to take out all my autumn/Halloween decor and will have to wait until Christmas time to decorate (first decoration=Christmas decor in new house=good deal) however, I have one big problem. We don't have a fireplace. Yes, we've played with putting one it and frankly speaking it's seemingly not that hard however this is extremely low on the to-do list....hello no kitchen! That being said, I need to figure out cute and creative spaces to hang our stockings...enter Kirty just realizing she has to get another TWO stockings as we have two new family members (Finn and Baxty)...

SOOOOOOO here are some inspiration pics for those of you just like me....fireplace and thus mantle-less.

OK, so generally speaking this picture is horrid however the IDEA is bueno.

This is a sweet idea. We don't personally have the windows for it but I'm sure this is super holiday-happy looking from the outside too!

There's always the "coat hook" idea...this is actually pretty cute.

Another window shot!

Although this home has a fireplace, it surely is mantle-less. Cool idea: take a branch or some other rustic/industrial/unsuspecting object and make a "bar" of sorts to hang your stockings from...like.

Until December.....

Peace and Love,


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