Craigslist Finds

Y'all know how much I <3 a good craigslist find. Often if there is a style of something I love or want, I'll just search that (i.e. "vintage" or "restoration hardware" or "queen bed frame" etc.) However, my favorite mode of CL search is to just enter in, say, $75 and see what comes up. Usually, a bunch of wonderful things that just need a little TLC appear. With the money you'll save, you can afford to throw in an extra $10 for a coat of paint! Love it. Enjoy.

Retro Ottoman. Cute. Needs some sprucing. <3. $25.

Beautiful dresser. Can't beat it at $40.

KING CHAIRS. Shut the front door...refinish these in a light, playful fabric (of course to counteract that crazy hardcore awesomeness that they currently hold) and throw them on either end of WHATEVER table you eat your meals at....awesome. $40 FOR THE PAIR!

I would paint this antique chair a shiny black and reupholster it. Super cute. Talk the price down to 30-40 and you're good to go!

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