UPDATE: Dhouse house!

Can you believe we started here?! I can't...that's for sure...look at these boys? I mean really?! They're like family...and they tore out that for sale sign before they did anything else...take that!

Then we quickly moved on to scary things such as this:
Electrical...update...ripping out old wire...holes in walls...Joel hooking up things I'm sure were slightly foreign to him...an general messes in my house....

Then the bathroom...and well, I'm sure you remember this photo...if not...you need to read my blog more often:)
This is my old kitchen/dinging/mud room. I'm standing in the old kitchen doorway. Our house is tiny, we live in Seattle, it's expensive to buy a home, don't judge. We're proud of our humble abode! ;)

Then Tracy, my brother-in-law came to town from CO. He's such a generous man...working his tail off on his days off..or well weekends...at OUR house all the way in WA state instead of staying home with his fam. He's taught us so much! So, he came in town the second weekend of OCT and helped us:
  •  put beams in where load bearing walls were before
  • frame out laundry room/closet (not shown)
  • raise "mud room" floor
  • frame out new bar area
everything old came out...a new floor was framed...

The dog and cat did this......
and then I found the other dog...doing this...
THEN the kitchen did this...yes...that's a fridge which in this house means kitchen...:)

THEN we had a struggle trying to find someone to do the drywall work...it's a process trying to find someone you trust enough to be in your home while you're not there. We used the same dude who did our pluming. He's a nice enough guy, but left our home a mess and was on his own time schedule...taking a whole 4 days longer than hoped, quoted and anticipated. Long story short...we now have WALLS!

enter huge deal!

Our space feels completely different. It's amazing to think that where our washer and dryer now live, used to be my kitchen sink and dishwasher's area (see pic below)! Our home is really our home! Sorta...we still have no kitchen:)

In addition to finishing the drywall, the pluming/drywalling dude textured the entire house...both bedrooms, living room, "hallway", dining and kitchen. We thought for 2.5 seconds about doing this ourselves...then we textured our bathroom on our own...it was a mess and was beyond unpleasant! haha! We were a sight to be seen...and although we think we did a decent job for having NO idea what we were doing...you can tell the differences between the bathroom texture and the rest of the house. But now...we're pretty much ready to paint....holy crap!!!!!!!!

So over the rest of the month of November and into the early weeks of DEC we will:
  • get a new furnace...our house has no heat currently and it feels like the AC is on...we don't have AC...so you get the picture. Showers are not pleasant...no matter how hot the water is!:)
  • patch dining and kitchen floors with hardwood
  • have hardwood in entire house refinished (which includes moving the little bits of what is actually left in the home out (did i mention we have a storage unit full of stuff right now? all we have in the house is our bed and our clothes...OH and our fridge...ha!
  • pick and purchase, oh AND install, cabinets, counter tops, back splash, appliances (YAYAY!!!!)
  • paint....
  • move in...
  • unpack...
  • live...:)
all the little things like new windows, new doors, outside landscaping and trim mean NOTHING to me right now...all i want to do is use a real kitchen and sleep in a clean house...:)

Someday soon...this will be me...


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