You Know That Feeling...

you get when you give something away, get rid of something by choice, retire something you "should have forever ago" and then got sad months later when you realized it's gone?

I'm there...

When Andy and I got engaged and he helped me move (for the millionth time) he told me I needed to get rid of "a ton of your stuff before WE move in together." I gave him the, "yeah, yeah" for some time and then...got serious. I should have had a yard sale because Lord knows I would have made a killing! I got rid...you're welcome Good Will, of a ton of my stuff..mostly I forced myself but a handful of things I willingly gave away.

Now, as I own my own home (and yes, I know it's in shambles!) I look back and say...those candle holders..would.be.awesome.here. THAT red bowl that didn't go with anything else I own...would be awesome for Holiday Decor...sigh.

That poster my mom found under a sign reading, "FREE" in Yakima and gave me and I SWORE I'd get it framed but never did:

gosh I loved it.... and now it's ALL GONE. 

on to better things.

Peace and Love,


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