Cin Bun Yum

So, when i was a little one, or littler one....for i far believe I'm an actual adult yet...we would host Christmas brunch at my home....my parent's home:) We would make yummy casserole which I'm sure will be a contributing factor to my future high cholesterol and clean the house...sit by the tree WAITING to open gifts like we could hardly breath. Every Christmas Eve my dad would go get Cinnabons...another contributor...and we would eat until we were sick...which isn't hard when you're eating cinnabons:)

Andy and I were talking about creating traditions with our future family...I think I'd like to add cinnamon rolls to this growing list. I've only made cinnamon rolls a few times...but boy are they tasty! Maybe this year I'll try THIS great recipe from Bakedbree.com.

I mean...can you say, "no" to this?
cinnamon roll recipe

if you said, "yes" you're a liar....:)

peace and love,


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