UPDATES Dahlhauser Style

  • i feel like we're moved in to our new home...finally. HOWEVER...my backhouse is still exceptionally full...scary? yes.
  • my new rug which i love, sheds more than my dogs do...this supposedly is "normal" however I'm scared it will shed until it's nothing!
  • Andy and i got our first Christmas tree yesterday:)
  • I've lost my favorite and ONLY pair of skinny jeans...actually my favorite jeans period. $10, 2+ years ago i got these jeans and NOW i lose them...serious.
  • i need to go to the dentist...i think i've held out as long as i can:(
  • i bought sheets and new pillows for my guest bed...this is the first time i've ever had a "guest bed"-very exciting. i think this will be my favorite room:)
  • i get to see my fam next week...sister AND brother in one house...praise God!
  • Andy and I are getting serious about finding our home church. We love UPC but feel the congregation is well, not in our age bracket. we love bellevue pres-but it's so far that we lose motivation to go...lame. we're going to try bethany in greenlake, first pres in magnolia and bethany presby in QA...this madness must stop:)
  • it's a joe purdy pandora kinda day

happy monday fools!

peace and love,


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