As I dream of my someday kitchen...which has been put on hold for a weeee bit due to a handful of...issues, if you will...I can't help but feel totally inspired by food. Most of my life is surrounded with food. I love food. I love good food. I love crap food. I love a Dick's burger almost as much as I love a Miner's burger. I love to cook, bake...and no, I may not be amazing at it....but who cares as long as you love what you're doing?

I went to school and got a degree based in food studies. I work in a kitchen for at least 40% of my time actually spent at work. All I do...is talk/think/life and breath food. It may be Swedish Fish, it may be Beecher's Mac, or a Casino Royal roll from Umi Sushi and Saki House...as long as I'm eating it...I'm a happy girl.

chocolate caramel pecan thumbprint recipe

ALL of that being said, this post is about FOOD, and some of my favorite food sites/blogs. Please enjoy...and if your drool, do clean up after yourself.
pecan praline strudel

Peace and Love,


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