We've had a sick and abrupt halt to our home updates due to some financial issues regarding the IRS and stupid mistakes made upon their side of this so-called party....LUCKILY however-progress towards getting our $8,0000 dollars which will go towards an actual kitchen (among a SLEW of other house related expenses), is a rollin'.

This week we plan on taking advantage of the Ikea sale (only 2/year) and getting our cabinet boxes and on top of that-for Christmas my sweet parents are buying us a stove:):):):) (and many more smiley faces to come:). THUS, hopefully by the end of the weekend, we will at least have said things ordered and well on their way.

On top of all that silly, great, and ridiculous news, Andy is up and starting his own insurance agency. As huge of a feat/responsibility this will be, it means a great deal of WORK happiness in our future. Frankly, I'm just excited to decorate his office....I've been avoiding the actual realization that it means helping out after I get off work at 3pm and/or not seeing him from at least 615am until 7pm nightly. I figure as much as he was traveling with his past position with AM FAM that it can't be much different...right? This way I can at least bring him dinner and hang out at the office if I am able (ya know, dogs, sleep, taking care of the house, etc. permitting).

Overall life continues on...truck truck truck...

Peace and Love,


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