Things I'm Doing in 2011

Here are some of the things I plan on doing in 2011. Keep in mind...I don't do the whole "resolution" thing...so this is as close as it's getting! Y'all know how I <3 lists:)

  1. finish my house-yard and all!
  2. celebrate my 25th birthday with just my husband. I'm thinking a weekend away-who wants to watch the poochies?;)
  3. start working on my 30 before 30 list...more to come.
  4. get in shape...really tho:)
  5. knit a blanket or quilt again.
  6. weekly date night-even if it is at Andy's office.
  7. visit the in-laws....good ole' CO-time.
  8. get rid of the crap in my closet and wear everything i keep!
  9. eat out at, at least 15 new restaurants in Seattle.
  10. visit Justin and Yvonne Klump before they move to Nashville.
  11. take my husband to California...poor kids never been...silliness!
  12. throw a few fabulous parties at my finished home:)
  13. begin the hair-growing-out-process....
  14. actually get my wedding dress cleaned and boxed...before i've been married for 2 years--i know-shame on me

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