happy list

i've had a strange few days....a weird occurance of....weirdness. luckily there are still plenty of things that make me effortlessly happy.
  1. mom and dad spending the night last night-surprise visit! which=chinese takeout which =late night dinner which=extended bday:)
  2. mama coming to seattle for my actual bday and hanging out with me while:
  3. my kitchen counter tops were installed!
  4. chocolate-in general, on berries, on pretzels, on doughnuts, alone, or on chocolate...chocolate on chocolate-yum.
  5. good sleep
  6. my dog...for alerting me last night of a possible creeper...more to come on this story
  7. no snow...even tho everyone is saying it's supposed to snow
  8. crossroads on capital hill and
  9. the ag jeans i bought there yesterday for all of $17 and in perfect condition...love it.
  10. NOT feeling stressed...which is not my current state...however...when it is boy am i happy:)

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