lately i've been dreaming of starting my own store. my mama is opening a gallery in yakima and planning on selling a few things outside of the amazing art that (i'm sure) she'll showcase and i simply love the idea of collecting things and selling them so that those opjects can carry on a new history...hum. love.

funny thought: when i was little i wanted to "grow up to be an artist and a collecter" and now...all i want to do is collect things. NOT IN A HORDING WAY, mind you. but in an, "i can make this great and sell it!" kind of way. some things i'd include (and are currently on CL) would be things like this:

THESE cool old windows...yah! FREEE on CL
image 2227755551-2 image 2227755551-3

this cute dresser...cute cute. only $5 on CL
image 2229713777-0

this stupidcute yellow cart! $40 on CL even tho i'd only pay $10-15 max!

this ROCKIN green chair on CL $50
image 2223384720-3

lamp. die. love. want for house $60

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