kitchen update

well, monday was spent making sure my appliances didn't get broken and/or dented as my counter tops were installed...a 4-5 hour process resulting in reversing the affect of my massage and TA-DA counter tops! praise GOD! now we must wait until thrusday and i can like actually unpack my kitchen...left to do:

install water line to fridge
install dishwasher
install sink and faucet
garbage disposal
fixtures on cabinets
back splash
chalkboard wall
trim on cabinets
install under cabinet lighting
awwwwww bitter sweet ending to kitchen remodel


the quartz arrives!

first piece in!

coming together!

a little cleaned up now...back splash to come!

do forgive sweet litght that has a bulb but no switch to turn it on (silly husband...) and the lack of trim around the window (silly window...) that and more on it's way;)

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