ok. here is a little something. i've been reading-a good deal-lately. somethings meaningful, insightful books, some cheesey love stories taking place on beaches with all sorts of unrealistic notations of what life is like once one is wrapped up in a love-story of their own (warning....all books, notebook type movies and proposal commercials are a LOAD-O-CRAP...please don't be fooled by the tragedy that the world has made love...it's disgusting and false.)

anywho, some friends of mine have suggested i do some "books on CD/Tape" and i've discovered that this is simply not satisfactory for me. something about reading calms me, is relaxing and enjoyable. something about actually holding a book and absorbing the words is so beneficial to me. just listening-i miss things. after reading mere christianity by c.s. lewis i listened to part of the book on CD and found it so far from personal.

that being said, i'm into BOOKs. i haven't found reading books on an ipad or my iphone satisfactory either and in fact..it gives me a head ache-so i must purchase my books and i usually do so at half price books....b/c the clearance section makes my heart sing...books are usually no more than $2.:)
onward- some of these books have included:

  • i know this much is true by wally lamb -didn't enjoy this one but read all 700ish pages of it anyway
  • a summer affair by Elin Hilderbrand-cheesy and once ended i was not only glad but also sad...interesting
  • the virgin blue by tracy chevalier- loved this almost as much as girl with a pearl earring
  • currently i'm reading falling angels by tracy chevalier and the red tent by Anita Diamant...i've decided i must concentrate on one at a time however----i keep getting these two mixed up...brain drain.
anywho on this note, i follow a blog called a beautiful journey. it's a loverly blog about a sweet little family. on a recent post, the blogger describes how she's been married for a year and a half and how she was reading this book on marriage by gary thomas yada, yada, yada she posted a few quotes i'd like to share. you can see her post on being married  HERE.

gary thomas:
"if the purpose of marriage was to simply enjoy infatuation and make me 'happy', then i'd have to get a 'new' marriage every two ro three years. but if i really wanted to see God transform me from the inside out, i'd need to concentrate on changing myself rather than on changing my spouse."
"what if God didn't design marriage to be 'easier'? what if God had an end in mind that went beyond our happiness, our comfort, and our desire to be infatuated and happy as if the world were a perfect place? what if God designed marriage to make us holy more than to make us happy?"

this book seems interesting...titled, "sacred marriage" i may have to go pick it up...or see if i own it..i own some book on marriage with a pear on the cover that my madre gave me...hum. maybe i'm in for some more meaningful, educating lit rather than a good ole love affair...we'll see.

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