thurs thoughts

few things:

  • i need to wash my hair. it's been so long i can't even really remember when i washed it last...oh Lord. i think it was saturday...last saturday. today is thursday. that's disgust. it's the bangs-i wash the bangs almost daily and that tricks me into thinking i have clean hair. again, disgust.
  • i'm praying for a good weekend. fun. light hearted. naps. productivity. and relaxation.
  • i love this blog and the sweet, realistic honesty that it. is.
  • i'm getting a mani/pedi with my bestie today. it's overdue (both hanging out with kels and getting my  nails done). i haven't felt pretty in a while. this should help.
  • one of my employees made fun of my pants today. i have about 4-5 pairs of work pants i cycle thru...he's seen this particular ones too often...awesome start to a thursday....
  • last week i picked up some really amazing bedside tables from CL for $25. i love them. their names are "i-look-like-i'm-from-anthro-and-i-cost-close-to-nothing-and-my-mom-loves-me dahlhauser"-i will post pics soonish...ok...i'll post pics now.
  • i'm sleep deprived. period. but especially today due to the top chef finale. but honestly, how could i resist?

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