random thoughts

my baby brother's neighbor had puppies and they look like this:

yes....yes i do want it. it reminds me of mini when she was just a we one:
she had a little pink kitty collar just like that above pup. she was (is) presh. her face is now so gray and her nose no longer marbled but boy is she my fave.

on a different note, on tuesday 3.15.11 my baby brother turned 21 (enter frantic crying) and drinks in public with my parents....weirdness. big time. i'm old. ok.

then i realized that, or so i think, i haven't posted any pictures of our current kitchen (or as current as i have). please keep in mind that this is not a spectacularly clean kitchen, nor is it really in photo-sharing-with-the-world shape...but nonetheless:

we now have finished hardware on the cabinets and drawers but have yet to order the bar top, start under cabinet lighting, back splash or cabinet trim for a handful of reasons (out of town plans, lack of a tile cutting wet saw, ya know...every day sorta stuff) but believe you me, those pictures will come as soon as those things are accomplished.

oh and as a side note, do keep in mind that this space shown below was our previous "kitchen" space..which is now the above pictures-yes...same space.

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