weekend recap

baby brother wyatt came to town late friday evening. we ate burgers, talked about him turning 21, watched sports and husband fell asleep on the couch. it was fantastic.

saturday we met my parents for lunch and a baby brother-drop-off. it resulted in a few amazing gifts from my parents:

half the stool set my parents have had in their home for years. mama was getting rid of them and we gladly took them (the other half coming soon). they're italian apparently and, much like the rest of our home, are a little different and add a little pizzaz!

a rockin' design book my domino, my new license plates, and my mom's cannon rebel which she did get enough use out of (couldn't be more extatic about this one!). i do apologize for the lack of actual pics from said camera however, the battery charger is missing and i am hot on the trail to replace it!

additionally, i had been storing a few wedding gifts at my parents home that i was fearful wouldn't make it through the reno. specifically the glassware the starr family gave me. italian and simple/modern/classic all of it, everything. so beautiful. the pic here obviously does them no justice.

Saturday night the husband and i had some qt which ended with drinking a bit too much champagne (for fun) and a little bit of a morning headache. no sweat off my back, i chugged some h20, drank about 3 diet cokes and cleaned my home.

after a soild sweep mop, rough bathroom clean-job and my usual clean sheets, fresh bedding and loads of laundry sunday..i napped. it was glorious. it looked a lot like this:

i awoke to a semi-ill feeling husband who was putting the rest of our cabinet hardware on (awesome). he promptly finished and began telling me about his sweats, chills, tummy, head. i blamed the beer from the previous evening and made him drink some h20 himself.

i then started to cook dinner....see:

 andy laid on couch, unaware of his surroundings....

while i did this:

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