sucked right in

i did it. i got sucked right into the royal wedding. i became secretly giddy awaiting the announcement of who commoner, kate middleton would wear on her wedding day. the day she became a princess (literally....), duchess of Cambridge, countess of strathearn, what their vows would sound like in elegant british accents, what flowers she would carry, what expression her sister would have, as she held her (9ft) train walking into Westminster abbey.

i wasn't able to watch the wedding live and i regret it now. work and sleep won the battle here, but now, in watching previously recorded footage-i am disappointed i didn't make the push.

princess kate wore  a sarah burton (for slexander mcqueen!!!) design with a 9-foot train and an a perfectly sheer veil trimmed with embroidered flowers. veil held in place by a cartier halo tiara borrowed from the queen....THE FLIPPING QUEEN! Her bouquet, although a slight disappointment (to me) was shield-shaped with myrtle, lily of the valley, sweet william and hyacinth and made by floral designer shane connolly. it was a tad lack luster for me...but then again-the main focus was obvi not those dumb flowers.... apparently the tradition of carrying myrtle began with queen victoria. to top it all off and.....for the love of the lord, kate wears princess diana's engagement ring...so amazing.

The prince and princess, although 28 and 29 years old, have a sense of childhood joy in their eyes. they hold a sense of vunerability, sweetness and freshness that i remember having the day i was married-oh the joy of marrige...seriously...it gets me every time!


i just think she was stunning. the woman was radiant. it was almost gross how classically beautiful she is. her look, although more simple than i personally anticipated for such a grandiose occasion-was effortlessly perfect.

 HOWEVER, i must say, if my sister were pippa middleton...like hell she'd be in this hot number:

Royal Wedding - Wedding Guests And Party Make Their Way To Westminster Abbey

seriously tho? hot hot hot. bod to die for and white? no way pippa! stop being so gorg!

and sersly....kate....really? hot sister in this? just silliness! how did you allow that to happen!?

on the other hand, the bride was wearing a mcqueen...sheesh. queen this and queen that...it was fab. OH and the dudes just looked like dude royalty...fancy and such.

i just think things were fabulous...as expected. yeah, everything was blown way over the top blah blah-but let a girl enjoy another girl fulfilling all young girl's childhood dreams of becoming a princess!

Kate Middleton & Prince William: Royal Wedding's First Kiss!
first public kiss:) TDF.

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  1. I agree! I am in wedding heaven - Serious wedding envy. Buttttt you're so right, hell no would my sisters be looking that hot as bridesmaids and her bouquet (although sentimental) was very boring. And I def woke up at 3am to watch it - very worth it.