dear husband

dear husband,

you're pretty neat. you are darn near to perfection in my book-and it's disgusting. you're a challenge. you're a good time. you're work. you're fun  you're a i bit childish  young at heart and it stirs a slew of emotions within me. sometimes i love your playful nature. then sometimes, especially when this said nature occurs in your sleep (eh hem-sleep talking, walking, and other things...) well, it's not as pleasant.

thanks for putting up with me.
thanks for always taking the garbage out to the street on sundays and back to the side of the house on mondays.
thanks for my under cabinet lighting-it's super amazing.
thanks for sushi and THATH date night this past saturday (4.30.11)-it was one of the best times i've had in a long time.
thanks for workin' so hard-providing a future for our family<3.
thanks for listening to my complain (often) and laughing at me soothing me when i'm injured (always).
thanks for walking the dogs in the morning, as we both know i hate doing it alone.
thanks for sharing my love of treats, and going at any time of day to get some chocolate or swedish fish with me.
thanks for tolerating my baby dog in the bed, my severe cover-stealing habits, and my need to nap.
thanks for letting me cook pretty much whatever i want-and eating it almost no mater what.
thanks for dancing with me even though i know you don't love it like i do.
thanks for spending time with just me, even though i know sometimes you'd rather spend time with your buddies.
thanks for going grocery shopping with me sometimes, it's bigtimefun for me.
thanks for you. your the best.


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